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      Festivals and Family Fun Days

      Festivals and Family Fun Days

      Here at Wickham we offer the perfect setting for family fun days and company days out- great ways to thank your employees for their contribution. Individuals are now working longer hours, have a heavier workload and are finding the work/life balance even more of a struggle. A Family Fun Day or a Festival gives your employees the opportunity to engage with each other in a relaxed atmosphere and share a part of their personal lives outside the office environment.

      At Wickham we have partnered with a few specially selected, experienced companies who can help bring such an event together in a professional and slick way.  These firms will help you design exactly the sort of day that you want, taking into account your goals, the culture of the firm, and the seniority/age of the invitees.  Then sit back and leave it to them to make it happen!

      We would recommend a videographer/photographer for the day to record the event – material you can use to enhance your company’s profile, amuse via the company newsletter, and remind you of the day for years to come.

      Find a list of our partners below