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      Style & Opulence in a Luxurious Setting for Berkshire Corporate Events

      Wickham House dovetails as a majestic and stately property as well as the ideal venue in Berkshire for hosting corporate events. This delightful enclave serves as an effective means of maximizing time away from the urban sprawl for team building events and away days. Delegates can take time out to focus their energy on novel processes, strategies, and business practices designed to enhance communication, ROI, and business functionality. The 18th century structure lends a certain charm and sophistication to the experience. A wealth of superb facilities, coupled with a glorious setting, makes this venue a highly sought-after destination as a corporate party venue. Perfectly manicured lawns, fountains and features add to the appeal of this historical paradise. Artfully decorated, replete with Gothic stone and extensive remodelling, this spacious escape to paradise serves the needs of corporate guests from across the spectrum. One of the most majestic corporate party venues at Wickham House is the Barn, ideal for up to 24 guests. Dancing, drinks, parties, audio-visual presentation systems, and a professionally catered kitchen all add to the appeal of the Barn.

      Fully Customized Business Services for the Ultimate Escape

      The Berkshire countryside is a surreal setting where the Who’s Who get to rub shoulders with one another in a luxurious and intimate setting. Wickham House caters to intimate groups of 10 people, and large corporate gatherings of up to 400 people. Cocktail receptions, galas and all manner of Berkshire corporate events are hosted at this illustrious venue. Silver service, professionally catered meals, full-service bars and customized business packages are available to clientele. Few destinations offer the sanctity of this desirable UK venue for entertaining business clients in a marquee location. A wide selection of indoor and outdoor venue options makes it easy to host the ideal corporate event. All manners of entertainment options are available to corporate clients, such as country walks, archery, clay pigeon shooting, tennis and the like.

      Implementing Positive Change through Teamwork

      Enhanced team building exercises are available for organisations of all sizes. These team building processes include learning and development workshops to align an organisation’s vision with tactical and strategic objectives. Thanks to established partnerships between Wickham House and business management professionals, it is possible to enjoy high-quality team building events courtesy of The Bluehat Group in Berkshire at the Barn. Guests can be accommodated at The Pheasant Pub or the Vineyard Hotel, located only a few kilometres away. Some 120+ team building activities and exercises have been perfected by The Bluehat Group, as they implement their award-winning strategies at Windham House. Other team building professionals available to corporate clients, including L’Atelier des Chefs, ACF Team building and Events and Poisson Rouge. Combined, these experts are geared towards creating the perfect symbiosis between company unity and enhanced corporate performance. The Berkshire milieu is perfectly suited to the tasks at hand for both business and pleasure. By diverting from the concrete jungle to the relative privacy of Wickham House, delegates can escape from the standard decision-making processes and see improved productivity.

      the walled garden of Wickham House