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      Your Honeymoon

      Step by Step Honeymoon Planning 


      You have planned your wedding at Wickham and now you’re thinking about your honeymoon. Your honeymoon isn’t just any holiday—it is the holiday—one that you and your partner will reminisce about for years to come. But an incredible honeymoon requires thoughtful execution. So here is our step-by-step roadmap to guarantee painless honeymoon planning.


      • First things first: Think about what type of experience you are both looking for. Do you want total chill out and relaxation, city exploring, a mixture of adventure and beach or secluded island living… The possibilities are endless! Turquoise Holidays can help you narrow down your search and advise on which destinations we think are right for you


      • Settle on your destination(s): Now it’s time to consider where and what time of year you want to go on your honeymoon. There would be nothing worse than arriving at your dream island in the Maldives in a tropical storm. So make sure you talk to an expert about the best time to visit to avoid disappointment.


      • Decide on your budget: Ahhh the dreaded question of budget…However, it is a very important one to ask yourselves before considering options for your honeymoon. You don’t want to put yourselves in the position of falling head over heels in love with somewhere before checking the price tag first!


      • Choosing your room: Always book the best room in a more affordable hotel, than the worst room in the most expensive hotel. This is your honeymoon and you want to feel like a King and Queen, so make sure you can spoil yourselves and have the best view in the house!


      • Gift list with a difference: Have you considered opting for a honeymoon gift list? With so many couples living together before they get married, having a gift list which combines travel and tradition might tick all the boxes! A honeymoon gift list allows you to upgrade your room, enjoy a romantic private island dinner under a star-studded sky or book that couples spa treatment (just to name a few)… the Turquoise gift list service is run by their dedicated team of experts and is complimentary for all their honeymooners.


      Turquoise Holidays

      Over the past 15 years, Turquoise Holidays have lovingly created over 10,000 honeymoons and their wonderful team have personally visited every destination we sell, so they have the insider knowledge to recommend the best places perfectly suited for you. Their honeymoon specialists have the answers to your questions- take a look at their frequently asked questions and honeymoon advice page- they are there to be your friend and guide!